I’m an introvert which means that I like spending a lot of time hanging out by myself and just enjoying my hobbies in peace. And by hobbies, I mean watching my favorite anime series and reading my favorite books and mangas. I like going to the gym as well, but it’s hard to call that a hobby, it’s somewhere between a hobby and a treat, because I always feel good after a workout. Not better than after watching anime, though.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t have any friends. Luckily, almost my friends are introverts like me, so we get each other. And they also like anime and manga, which is kinda how we met and started hanging out. We’re all grown adults with full-time jobs, so it’s not like we see each other every day, but we do keep in touch, in our own way. Mostly by sending gifs of anime scenes. Or memes. Totally like teenagers, haha.

So, I usually throw an annual anime-themed party for all my friends, and anyone else who’s interested to come, really. They’re not big bombastic bashes, but there have been moments. I bought this cocktail book two years ago to make some fun and colorful cocktails, and it proved to be very useful. I did make a mess and the first few cocktails were poison, but now I’m pretty good at it. I became the bartender in our group.

Cosplay is optional because I often invite people who’re not really into anime, like colleagues or gym buddies, but they often seem to have fun and like to learn something more about anime, or Japanese culture, or just meet some new people. They’re most amused when someone from my group of friends comes all dressed up in cosplay and gets into character.

The cuisine is definitely mixed. I have all sorts of snacks and foods, from delicious rice-cakes to nachos. I like to accommodate everyone’s taste buds, so I’m not really fussy and precise about the food. It doesn’t have to match the theme to the T.

I don’t usually dress up, but I do like to have some accessory on me to nod to a certain anime character. This year I had a pocket watch on me, akin to Sebastian Michaelis’ from Black Butler because it’s one of my favorite anime series. I do regret a little bit not wearing a full-on butler uniform – you don’t get the chance every day! But, it’s something to think about for next year!