So much cool fighting goes on in anime. Sometimes I imitate the moves, but they are physically impossible with my body. I am fairly fit and toned, but I don’t bend the way an animated character does. Too bad. It would be fun. I can see a party revolving around self-defense maneuver without the flying, of course. Everyone would dress up and do makeup to resemble their favorite beings, and of course there would be lots of posts on social media about it. Most anything would be allowed. I would have to learn some easy stuff I could teach to others. What can I do in the privacy of my own home? A lot I imagine. Here’s what I have learned.

  • Hand-to hand combat is a skill you can learn
  • Grab your attacker’s wrist and rotate your own so your thumbs meet his fingers. Create a jerking movement by sharply bending your arm at the elbow.
  • Try thrusting the sole of your foot toward your assailant’s knee which will incapacitate him. No one can successfully block your motion like the face or groin.
  • You can inflict pain and muscle spasms by hitting the vagus nerve below the ear. Just don’t do it too hard.
  • Items in your pocket make effective weapons such as a comb. Press the teeth into a mugger’s upper lip as hard as you can.
  • Knock the wind out of someone with a hit to the solar plexus. While an attacker is reeling, you can run for help.
  • Learn the “guillotine choke” in which you pull the attacker’s head down into your chest (towards the armpits). Reach around their head with one arm and slide your forearm across the exposed throat. Then lock your hands and drop your choking elbow a bit. If you pull up the opponent’s head, the air supply will be cut off. This may take considerable practice and is best for stronger men.
  • The same goes for head butts. You had better know what you are doing.
  • Yelling and screaming can disarm an attacker allowing you time to escape. It is also a signal for help that assailants want to avoid.
  • Elbow strikes can be as effective as basic punching. Ladies, if you have been doing boxing at the gym, more power to you. This is a good alternative if you do not. Remember that these strikes can cause intensive bleeding. It can be dangerous in the same way that poking an eye can be painful and debilitating. Be careful with these moves.
  • An ear slap is less damaging. Use the palm of your hand to slam the ear causing a painful blast of air pressure into the ear canal. Alternatively, you can pull aggressively on the ears.

Knowing basic self-defense techniques will help you decide what to do in the event of an assault. You can fight or take flight. Human instinct is to do the latter, but you might not be able to take off. It is best to pick and choose the moves you are most comfortable doing.