When my trainer pulls out the big red boxing gloves from the gym locker, I get exciting. Another session that is not only super fun, but that brings great tone to my arms and legs. Yes legs. I dance around in a widening circle as we spar. Faster and faster like a spinning top. When I am alone and want to practice, there is the bag awaiting my arrival, but it is more challenging to work with a pro. He keeps me guessing. He can do a round of jabs, cross body punches, upper cuts, and the like in a new order each time. It is a great mental exercise for learning to focus and pay attention. I feel like an anime character at play, building up stamina for the next big fight.

On gym day, I arise promptly looking forward to my day. Boxing packs a punch in my life. It gets me going to face the world. I don’t plan on a bout any time soon; it is just my way of feeling strong and powerful. There is nothing like it to boost the confidence and also the spirit. You feel in control while you get fit as a fiddle.

What is it about boxing anyway? Yes, it is a popular spectator sport, but not as much as others like soccer or football. It used to be in the days of Ali and Frazier. The thriller in Manila. But it has changed. Maybe it will make a comeback soon. I hope so. It is long overdue. Meanwhile I want to get good at my newfound fun. When you enjoy something, it is automatic. You improve by leaps and bounds if your heart is in it. While exercise and fitness regimens can be a bore, boxing brings it up to a whole new level.

You are reading right. I am touting boxing for everyone. It is an efficient way to work out and keep in shape. Plus, its very affordable and space efficient – a set of boxing gloves and a punching bag are cheap and don’t take up much room in your home. Trust me, it leaves an impression. Once you put on those gloves, you are in the zone! Shadow boxing isn’t bad either. You can do it at home in your hard-earned spare time. Me, I have loads of it.

It is not about hitting someone in the face as you might think. It is about developing coordination, speed, and focus. These are agility and strength. Boxing isn’t easy when done well, but it is worth the effort, believe me. You can watch great videos to get inspired. Man, those reflexes are amazing! I know when I watch people at the gym, the regulars, I know that boxing makes fighters out of average people. And the really good ones—are they ever built! Serious practitioners are hard bodies and ripped. Not an ounce of fat. It is warrior courage for me, inspired by my favorite cartoons. You feel reborn, like you could face anything.

I am getting a little carried away. Boxing is all this and more, but for most people, it is a workout par excellence.