I’ve been an avid anime fan for years.  I love anime of all genres.  There’s something about the fantasy beings with their exaggerated features and huge emotion-filled eyes that I can’t resist.  And the often senseless plots are equally as addicting, to me at least.

Choosing the best of the best anime movies and comics ever is quite a ques.  It’s kind of like asking a rock and roll guru to pick their favourite song or an artist to say which colour is tops on the pallet.  It’s for sure difficult for a devout animate fan like myself but I’m going to take a stab at it.

“Akira” is for sure on my list.  It’s full of fantastic visual content and was one of the first films to woo me in.  Set in the future with Tetsuo Shima trying to free Akira, it was a classic like Cinderella is to Disney.

“Ninja Scroll” is another favorite on mine.  Some of my friends thought it was too gross and violent but I happened to like it.  Not so sure if that is a good or bad thing on my behalf but the movie makes the cut in my book.  Kawaiiri did a great job writing it and of course, the characters were amazing.

Coming in at number two is “Princess Momonoke”.  For personal reasons, this one I found touchng.  Ashitaka gained a spot in my heart in this full length film.  If you haven’t seen this film, it’s a must see, for sure.

My all-time favourite is “Spirited Away”.   This movie was first released in 2001 but wasn’t translated to English until Disney won the right to dub it.  Knowing some history behind this story made me absolutely fall in love with it.  The writer, Hayao Miyazaki, had never dedicated a movie until this one but he did so on this one to five girls he and his family spent summers at a lake cabin with while he was growing up.  That touched me for some reason.

The anime production is about a girl named Chihiro who traveled with her family from their new home to a nearby town where they partook of some delicious and mysterious food which opened Chihiro’s eyes to the spiritual world in the town and turned her parents into pigs because they had eaten like pigs.

Chihiro then set about to save her parents from becoming food for the spirits with the help of a boy named Haku.  The two had met just before her parents had been turned into swine and he had tried to warn her to get out of the town and back home before sundown.  She had not done so which caused the misfortune in the first place.  Rather than to say, “I told you so”, Haku acted as a true friend and helped do what he could to help.

“Spirited Away” was first a box office hit.  It then sold more videos than any other anime films in America.  It also won an Academy Award.  The music is phenomenal as well.  There are a trillion reasons why this anime production is my pick of the best of the best and is tops on my list.