If you don’t know what anime is, you are really behind the times for your generation. That would include the last five! If you are older, and not wiser, and are reading this blog, you must want to know more. You have heard of it but maybe haven’t a clue.

Anime has been around for a very long time (over a century) but is super popular with youth now for its free-flowing innovative spirit in the world of animation. At least, I hope you know it is a Japanese invention involving hand-drawn and computer artistry. It’s very colorful, is loaded with fun characters and is known for fantastic themes. You can’t beat it for imagination and the creative use of settings and special effects. Of course, it has changed along with new generations of artists, but it remains a staple of the Japanese film industry. There are jillions of production companies. In fact, most young animators would do nothing but anime.

Children and adults are all big fans. It is not surprising that I, a grown up, like anime-themed merchandise such as coin purses, wallets, key chains, stuffed animals, etc. There are lots of characters and stories from which to choose. I could fill a book, not just a blog. I will limit myself to describing my favorite vinyl neon-color backpack covered with some pretty delightful cartoons. The anime look is unique and any aficionado will spot it right away. I think I must tote my backpack to signal my allegiance to the art form so other fellow travelers will know they are with an avid ally, who will soon be a friend. I must be someone they would want to know, or at least talk to.

If you think you might want one of these gems, try on line, but I hate to give my secrets away. I kind of like the individuality of having something uniquely my own. Most of the cool backpacks I’ve seen are fabricated in Japan as you would expect. No rip offs or fakes. You get the real thing when it comes by oriental post. (You will know when you track your package if it is bogus or not.)

Why do I want to label myself? Why does anyone about anything? I think we are all very proud of our special interests and hobbies and want to share them with the world. It’s like wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt or a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap. Most people label themselves publicly, at least when in casual attire. I actually think the backpack idea is more subtle. Having a team pennant waving in the breeze from your car is a lot more in your face.

So, backpack in tow, here I come world to tell you all about the wonders of anime. Stop me and I will explain why I like it. Engage me to learn something new. Find out the inside story of those cute little faces done in the best graphic style. Get with the program whoever you are and let’s spread the word.